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Sound proofing Vs Sound treatment />

Sound proofing Vs Sound treatment

Noisy neighbours driving you crazy? Motor traffic getting on your nerves? Many customers come to us seeking products that will reduce noise in their rooms and houses only to be disappointed when we try to explain that our acoustic foam products are not sound proofing products and will not stop sound entering or leaving a room. So much so that I thought it would be useful to have a simple article e...

Getting the boom out of your room />

Getting the boom out of your room

Perhaps the most frequently encountered challenge faced by the home music producer is a studio which sounds "boomy". Poor acoustics which cause boomy rooms also present problems to the audiophile and the home cinema user and if untreated can create an unpleasant listening environment for the user.

Setting up your studio acoustics - a rule of thumb approach />

Setting up your studio acoustics - a rule of thumb approach

Chances are you haven't had much choice when it comes to deciding the structure of your studio. Like most urban artists you have probably ended up using a converted out building, garage or a room in your house as your studio.Nevertheless It is essential to understand how best to adapt the room, carefully position acoustic foam, and get your room sounding better.

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